Digital Post-Production

What I Do

Hey, I’m Jonny! An award-winning freelance editor, digital artist and colorist from Germany. Trusted by leading brands, startups and production companies worldwide.

Editing, sound design, retouching, vfx, animation, color grading, ai art.

    drop a line directly.

    01 vfx retouching rangerover ireland commercial 1000x563 1

    VFX / Retouching

    Range Rover Velar

    02 vfx retouching adolfo dominguez commercial 1000x563 1


    Adolfo Dominguez

    03 retouching diesel commercial 1000x563 1



    06 editing rolf benz design portrait 1000x563 1


    Rolf Benz Design

    12 vfx retouching acne emerson snowe commercial 1000x563 1

    VFX / Retouching

    ACNE Studios

    04 editing vfx bilster berg racing commercial 1000x563 1

    Editing / VFX

    Bilster Berg

    05 editing mira wunder licht aus music 1000x563 1


    Mira Wunder

    08 color grading wohninvest kappel staebler commercial 1000x563 1

    Color Grading


    11 motion vfx retouching hanuta riegel commercial 1000x563 1

    VFX / Motion / Retouching

    Hanuta Superhero

    07 editing motion vfx cg duplo white commercial 1000x563 1

    Editing / Color Grading / Motion

    Duplo White

    10 editing tamaris fashletics commercial 1000x563 1


    Tamaris Fashletics

    13 vfx retouching be loved in return trailer 1000x563 1

    VFX / Retouching

    Be Loved In Return

    14 vfx retouching tones of dirt and bone portrait 1000x563 1

    VFX / Retouching

    Tones of Dirt and Bone

    15 editing vfx cg retouching le terrain vague 1000x563 1

    Color Grading / VFX / Retouching

    Le Terrain Vague

    16 motion color grading vfx retouching tattoo love cosmeitcs commercial 1000x563 1

    Color Grading / VFX / Motion

    Tattoo Love Cosmetics

    09 color grading retouching xoxo the mag commercial 1000x563 1

    Color Grading / Retouching

    XOXO The Mag



    Editing & SFX

    Whatever content you need assistance with,
    I can edit it. No matter the format, type or style,
    I’m here to bring your vision to life.


    “The editor orchestrates the rythm
    of your images.”


    Music Video

    Trailer / Teaser

    Feature / Short

    Corporate / Industry

    Instagram / TikTok Content

    YouTube / Twitch Content



    Fashion / Art


    Motion & Animation

    I can also do any kind of motion graphics and animations, ensuring each visual element aligns seamlessly with your project’s style and tone.

    animation 03 dot
    animation 02 bike
    animation 04 glitch

    “Animation is about creating
    the illusion of life.”

    Intro Animation

    Kinetic Typography

    Doodle Animation


    Logo Animation

    Title & Text Animation


    VFX & Retouching

    Need some tweaks, fixes or enhancements for
    your scene? I’ve got more tricks up my sleeve
    than just retouching and cleanup work.

    Digital brushstrokes can paint reality onto
    the canvas of imagination.”

    Scene Cleanup

    Set Extension

    Beauty/Skin Retouching

    Screen Replacement

    Sky Replacement


    Color Grading

    Check out more of my color grading work here or visit vimeo for even more awesomeness. Let’s give your footage the perfect final touch.



    AI Creations

    Grab some inspiration by taking a look at some of my selected AI created images. I can prompt any kind of images you are dreaming of.